Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Weekend in London (Originally Posted 3/31/08)

I’m planning on being pretty flexible for the last weekend I’m in England. Most of what I decide to do will depend on the weather and how much I really want to do. One of the things I learned from watching Rick Steve’s is that he encourages you to believe that you will be back. You can’t see everything. I know I won’t see everything I really want to see so I plan on coming back.

With that in mind, I know I want to visit Stratford upon Avon and to visit Ann Hathaway’s House and I really want to visit Oxford University. So, either Friday or Saturday, I’ll catch the train and make a day trip to visit both places.

On Sunday, I’m planning on catching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and I am definitely going on the Jack the Ripper Walk! I am so excited about the Ripper walk!!! I have been reading about that for years now. The company that does the walks also offers tons of other types of walks but the Ripper walk is led by several guides but the main guide is the world’s foremost authority on Jack the Ripper, Donald Rumbelow! He guides the walks on Sunday nights. I am so there!

My Monday is wide open for whatever I want to see that I might not have seen already and for packing to leave on Tuesday.

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