Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ It Pays to Check in Advance (Originally Posted 3/31/08)

In my last entry, I mentioned I would probably go out to see the changing of the guard the morning after I arrived in London. I decided to check the web and read what I could about Buckingham Palace and it’s a good thing I did because I found out that in April, the changing of the guard is only happening every other day and I would have been sorely disappointed upon arriving at the palace and seeing NADA! Save time and check as much as you can ahead of time!!! Remember, your time is valuable, spend it wisely!

The other thing I’m checking now that my trip is coming up is the weather! I had already planned on a rain jacket of some type but seeing the weather trends lately (and chatting with a friend who lives across the pond) I’ve discovered their weather has been a bit colder than usual so I added more long sleeve shirts, a quilted vest, gloves, and a scarf to my packing list. My original plan included a hoodie which I will wear on the plane. Speaking of packing lists, check out my packing video on an earlier entry.

So, I’ve changed my plans a bit and decided that I’m going to try for a Duck Tour. It sounds like fun, cold fun, but fun.

Thursday will be spend exploring London. I already have friends and family that have placed orders for souvenirs so I have stuff to buy! I’ve already reserved my ride on the London Eye and a cruise on the Thames. It should all be fun!

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