Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Getting Ready (Originally published 1/30/08)

I’m guessing that alot of you probably think it’s too early to be getting ready for a trip that isn’t going to happen until April but I’m a bit over-anxious and excited. I want to know about everything that I could possibly do, see, eat, ride, and watch before I set foot on British soil. Once I’m there, I’ll whittle down my must-see list to something that is hopefully manageable with a few days of plain rest and relaxation thrown in for good measure.

As I find things to do or see, I’ll put the links and pics in here so you can do a little discovery of your own. Sound good? BTW, when you see a blog entry with this symbol (~) before the entry title, you will know that that particular blog entry contains information that is relevant to travel in general and not specific to my upcoming trip. Also, I just want everyone to know that if I’m mentioning a website or a product, it is based strictly upon my own experience with that website or that product. I have no ties to any company or business out there in web-land and I don’t get paid or compensated in any way to endorse anything. So...are you ready to get in on the planning of this trip with me? Lets go...

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