Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ Women Traveling the World! (Originally Posted 4/10/09)

In a recent survey of 500 women, 68% of the women in the survey said they had traveled alone at least once in the last 3 years.

Luckily for us, there are resources now that make traveling for women safer and more convenient. While most of us knowingly travel alone, it doesn’t mean we don’t want someone to chat with or meet up with during our journey. There are tons of resources for women who travel.

One of my favorite ones is Journey Woman. This website is chock full of resources for women travelers! They even offer a free monthly newsletter if you’re interested in one.
One of the great links they have is to Hermail is a safe way to find at least 2 contacts in the city to which you are traveling and anonymously exchange email with them.

This is a wonderful, FREE service available to any woman that might be traveling to somewhere she’s never been and would like to know more from someone who is in the know. In my case, I exchanged e-mails with Ann who offered some wonderful suggestions about where to eat and some things to do. In the course of our email exchange, we agreed to meet for lunch.

It is a great thing to meet new people and to know that during your travels you will encounter a friendly face that can also direct you to see things and visit places in a way no guidebook can match. Thanks to and thank you Ann for your insight and advice.

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