Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Lists, Guest Posts, and other Housekeeping Stuff

I just wanted to take a minute of your time and enlighten you all with a few new things on the blog page and some upcoming changes for the future.

First, if you look to the left of the blog posts, you'll see a section just below the "Subscribe To" section called "My Blog List". This list is comprised of links to other bloggers I'd like you all to take a minute to check into and read whenever you've got some spare time. There is some good information to be found on each and every one of these sites.

They are in no particular order so first on the list is Wandering Off. Wandering Off is another San Antonio blogger writing about family-oriented places to visit and some wonderful pictures of the places she and her family see in their travels.

A View to A Thrill is another awesome travel blog with some solid travel advice for going places "on the cheap" as well as first-hand travel reports from all the places she visits.

Gap Year Escape focuses on travel during what is referred to as the "gap year" in most European countries. "Gap year" is the year between graduation from what we call high school and the first year of University education. European students are encouraged to travel in their gap year and this blog gives those looking for ideas on where to travel alot of great ideas. Look for a guest post from me in the very near future.

The UnRoad Warrior is your resource for how to maximize your airline miles, hotel points, and how to make the most of your loyalty programs. This blog is an awesome resource for anything related to airlines, hotels, and anything else not road related.

Darn Good Digs is a fantastic resource for finding original and inviting small hotels, B&B's, and hostels. If you're looking for a darn good dig under $150.00 a night, this blog is for you!

And finally, Travel Titbits is a fantastic combination feature articles, destination guides for favorite holiday getaways, and travel related news. Look for GlobeDiva's article on "Il Campo di Fiori" in their features section.

All of these blogs are participating in a link exchange with GlobeDiva Travels and I'm happy to be able to exchange links with some other great travel bloggers!

And just a few more housekeeping things before I end this post. A quick disclaimer for this blog and all the other things you see featured on here. With the exception of the links I introduced you to above, you can safely assume that anything else you click on that says "Reserve Now" or "Ads by Google" or "I Recommend" by Amazon, or "Travel Gadgets" or "Create Your Own Package" will lead you to a website or store that is offering me some small remuneration or payment (usually about 5-10% or less) for your clicking on it. When you click on the link for "GlobeDiva Travel Planners" you are taken to my booking site where you can book your own airfare, hotels, rental cars, and other vacation packages. In the near future, I plan on doing some product reviews and when I do them, you can rest assured that I DO NOT and WILL NOT receive any money or remuneration when I offer you my reviews or recommendations.

And finally, in the next month or so, I hope to be moving towards self-hosting. This means that I will be paying a server to host my blog and it will be all my own. Blogspot has been great as I've started out but I need to get a little bigger and need a few more functions so I need to move onward and upward, hopefully, taking you all with me on the way.

Thanks for your patience and your patronage. All of you, my lovely readers, are greatly appreciated!!

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