Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday (and my last day) in Madrid (Originally Posted 3/12/09)

Well, today was a big walking day and I'm pretty much ready to go on to Rome.

Today, we set off to visit the Prado Museum and Retiro Park. On our way to the Prado Museum, we ran into another protest of some sort! We've run into at least 3 protests of one kind or another in the last 5 days here in Madrid. Very exciting!

We made it to the Prado and I was able to see some art I've only seen in magazines. I wish I could have taken some pictures of some of my favorite pieces but no photos allowed in the museum.

My favorite pieces are by Hieronymous Bosch. His pieces are weird and disturbing but intricate and soul piercing. He was the master of artistic satire. I also enjoyed the Peter Paul Ruben's (sp?) pieces where I got to see a woman the way a woman is supposed to be dammit....RUBENESQUE!

After the Prado, we walked over to Retiro Park, which is one of the pictures you see on this entry. It was a beautiful park and Thomas and Felicia rented a rowboat and rowed around the small lake. It was a beautiful day and a most fitting last day in Madrid.

I'm also going one last time for "chocolate y churros" and I plan on posting something about that tomorrow once I make it to Rome. I have a very early flight and the shuttle will be by around 4am to pick me up. I'm tired already!

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