Monday, September 14, 2009

Roasted Chestnuts in Rome

Here in South Texas, up until last week, we had been suffering through a drought and temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit almost every day since May.

Last week, the sky became overcast and it's been raining on and off everyday since then. It's still warm, with temperatures in the mid-80's but this weekend, as I was sitting in the den, I turned the thermostat down and sat in house feeling chilly and looking at the gray and overcast sky.

As I sat channeling a cooler fall or spring day, I thought about the Saturday in Rome when I went to visit the Spanish Steps. The day was cold and sunny. I sat for a while and enjoyed some people watching then, as I made my way to the Villa del Corso, I stopped and bought some roasted chestnuts from the vendor on the corner. The cone of chestnuts was hot in my hands and the chestnuts were soft, warm, and delicious.

I can't wait for fall to really get here.

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