Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm in Madrid! (Originally Posted 3/8/09)

Well, I got to Madrid this morning only to find my luggage didn´t make it with me! I don´t usually check my luggage but since I´m going to be in Europe for three weeks and had to bring text books along, I needed to pack heavier than usual and I packed two bags.

Stupid me. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn´t follow one of my own rules and pack an extra change of clothes in each piece of luggage. This means that all of my clothes, as well as my phone and camera chargers and card readers, are in the delayed piece of luggage. I´ve got some great pictures already but I can´t share them until I get my card reader.

Madrid is beautiful and the weather is marvelous!!!! Very warm and sunny (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit) and totally clear skies. Gorgeous!!!! We spent some time at "La Rastra" which is the city-wide, Sunday flea market. Wall-to-wall people milling about looking at everything ranging from t-shirts and jewelery to original art, fans, shawls, and anything else you think you´d find at a flea market.

From there we went to Plaza Mayor for a late lunch. We sat in the Plaza and enjoyed the people watching (remind me to tell y'all about the out of shape Spiderman in the plaza) as we ate. We walked a bit afterwards then went back to the hotel for a nap.

After a short nap, I ventured out to find a toothbrush and something to sleep in and then Thomas (my cousin) and I went out for some ice cream. Later my aunt joined us for an early dinner. I say early because people here don´t eat dinner until 8pm or later but we were hungry and tired so it was dinner at 7pm (gasp!) for us.

Afterwards, we walked to the most well known "Chocolateria" in Madrid. All they serve there is hot chocolate and churros. I´m going to do a separate entry about this later because y'all have to see the hot chocolate to believe what I´m talking about!
Good night all and have a pleasant tomorrow!!!

P.S. Everybody keep your fingers crossed (and/or say a prayer) that I get my luggage tomorrow!!!

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